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GRC Moto began dealing with minimotos in 1991. Being one of the first companies to guess the real potentiality of this new product, the minimoto, since the beginning GRC Moto had the goal to propose something new and innovative.

During the years, GRC's minimotos and midimotos stand out in the national as well as the international market, by being defined by a common denominator made of:
- avanguard design;
- continuous research and developement, in order to steadily improve its own products;
- optimized performances, above all for what concern the agonistic aspect; racetrack tests are one of main input for the growth of its models;
- constructive solutions oriented toward security and focused on sempllicity of use and mainteinance;
- refined design, immediately recognizable;
- care of the leasts details of the products;

GRC Moto sell its products in Italy and all over the world by mean of a sale network.
GRC Moto is directly involved in the agonistic field. GRC manages an official racing team entering the Italian and European championships.
Many GRC's resellers support their own team in various championships in other countries.

GRC Moto


GRC Moto is a brand which is synonym of quality, innovation and design since 16 years.
Being one of the firsts companies to bet on the product "minimoto" since its birth, GRC Moto was able to delineate its own identity in this field presenting in the course of the years items which distinguish themselves for original design and planning
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