Minigp GRC - Design da gran premio

The story of the MINI GP is that of a bike with reduced dimensions but designed for Gran Prix, born as an evolution of a motoring idea. This evolution is based on an operation of style design intended to provide with a "elegant dress", a two-wheels technological jewel. The model MINI GP represents a turning point in the G.R.C. Moto range, which is the first company that has proposed in Italy a bike of this kind.

The first and more important novelty are the dimensions, which are very close to the ones of a 125cc Gran Prix bike. For a company that has become leader in the minimoto market, this is a little revolution. But this is just the beginning...
The main characteristics of the MINI GP are:

- the deltabox aluminium frame
- the 35mm forks "upside down", adjustable
- the 12" tyres
- the adjustable hydraulic single shock-absorber
- the front brake system with a 4 pins caliper with radial attachment
- the racing exhaust system
- the handlebars and the footboards support made in aluminium, machined from the solid
and much more.

On track, this model has already demonstrated all its potential, winning at its debuts the first MINI GP Italian Trophy 2007 and the MINI GP Italian Championship 2008.

The model MINI GP is available with two types of engine: 50cc. and 70cc.
In the G.R.C. Moto range, the MINI GP fills a very important place: it fills the gap between the minimoto and GP bike

Tech info

MiniGp technical info

Designed for fine tuning, in a virtual environment, the images show the frame and the fuel tank
These are some pictures that show the design of the MINI GP, elegant and aggressive at the same time
Deltabox aluminium frame in detail
Delivered with white bodyworks, ready for painting. You can customize it as you like
On track, finally...